A Web Monetization Story - an interactive Web Monetization tutorial for online creators

@sharon and I are creating A Web Monetization Story, an interactive Web Monetization tutorial for online creators. The tutorial follows along with Auden, a blogger who is experimenting with Web Monetization on their site. If you are interested in setting up Web Monetization on your own site, or want to get others involved in Web Monetization, you may be interested in A Web Monetization Story.

We are creating this project for the BetaHack ‘Fix The Internet’ virtual Hackathon. There are seven days remaining in the hackathon. We are posting here on the Grant for the Web forum in order to ask for honest feedback on what we have created.

We hope that you enjoy what we have created. We also hope to keep improving it, so we want to hear from you! Thank you.

P.S. vote for @sharon in the 2020 HackerNoon Noonies - Best Web Monetization Innovator Category!


This is awesome! When it is done please contact us at Grant for the Web, we would love to use it to help onboard people to the ideas.


Update: We moved A Web Monetization Story to a new URL: https://esse-dev.github.io/a-web-monetization-story/

@Chris_Lawrence that is the best compliment we could hope to receive :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply, it gave us motivation while we worked towards the end of the hackathon. We will send a message to Grant for the Web!


I mentioned this within @hacksultan’s Hashnode AMA earlier, @elliot. I’m sure that most of those folks within the AMA would love to feedback to you and Sharon on how they’d like this interactive story to further expand. https://hashnode.com/post/ive-introduced-over-100-people-to-web-monetization-im-akintunde-sultan-ask-me-anything-ckeij1e0y0059p1s16wyg19eg/answer/ckeijrvgv009sp1s1gv2q0u69


Can you update links in your original post? If others are like me they are hitting the 404, I just happened to scroll down and see you’ve updated!

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Thanks for the comment @davidshq. I can’t seem to edit my post, so I’ve flagged it for moderation with a message asking the moderators to change the links from https://esse-dev.github.io/borzoi/ to https://esse-dev.github.io/a-web-monetization-story/

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The original post link/s should now be updated. Please confirm, @elliot @davidshq?


The links are updated and now work for me. Thanks Desigan!

Work for me as well! Thanks!