Allied Media Conference 2020

Is anyone here planning on presenting and/or attending the Allied Media Conference in Detroit this June? Session proposals are due February 4th. We, over here at, are working on a session proposal under the content area “media for liberation”. Anyone else?

We are interested, I think fits the objective of the session.

Thanks for posting. I was not aware of the conference. I will check it out.

Thank you so much! I just submitted two proposals.

Warm Data Labs: What is Visionary Organizing in a Changing World
What if we were to look at the possibilities for Visionary Organizing in a way that honors all its complexity and helps a group come to new ideas that they would never come to individually. We will explore the question of “What is Visionary Organizing in a changing world” by considering its many contexts including culture, economy, health, family, politics, environment, and technology. We will conduct a group process called Warm Data Labs, which uncovers interdependency and generates understandings of systemic patterns for people with no previous exposure to systems theory. Warm Data Labs enable new societal responses to complex challenges. Participants will leave with a transformed understanding of Visionary Organizing, informed by the collective process and their personal lens as well as a practical understanding of Warm Data Labs process.

A Map for the Internet - Democratizing the Web Experience, Knowledge & Opportunity
What if we had a map for the Internet? We will share how creators and organizers can map their online research and interact on any webpage. We will learn how to create bridges (i.e., connecting online ideas with relationships) as well as Massive Online Research Collaborations (MORCs) that create a knowledge map of online ideas and their relationships for a specific subject area, thereby creating a shared context for collaboration and communication. We will then have discussions in small groups and get hands-on experience making some bridges using the Bridgit browser overlay. Participants will leave with with an understanding of how online knowledge maps can accelerate advocacy, how to make bridges, and how to start a MORC. If there is interest, we will also set up a Media for Liberation group on the Bridgit app for those who want to continue the conversations from the conference.

If anyone has any other ideas where this kind of work can be done, please let me know.


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Hi Virginia! Curationist is very cool! I could imagine collaborating on making your content available wherever relevant on the web. Meaning that people could access creationist content as context for related information on relevant webpages. Your team and/or your users could create the connections (i.e., bridges) between Creationist content and related content on the web. Could that be of interest?

Hi! Bridgit looks. really interesting. I’d love to learn more about it. Maybe we can do a video call and we can discuss?

The Allied Media Conference announced that they will be setting up a virtual conference instead of cancelling or postponing. They are looking for feedback about setting it up through this google form:

Hi Virginia
Happy to jump on a video call.
My email is