An automatic, ubiquitous music (and media) micropayments layer on the IoV

Hi, nice to meet you all - my name is Darshan Jesrani. I’m a recording artist, producer and software (infrastructure) engineer living in Brooklyn, NY.

The problem I’m trying to solve is the broken digital music ecosystem which is currently made up of silo’d communities, platforms, standards, formats and even currencies, not to mention its fractured interface with the traditional networks of music publishers and performing rights organizations.

Inspired by the writings of Gerd Leonhard (“The Future of Music”, “Music 2.0”) and Dave Kusek for the Berklee school of music, I subscribe to the idea that, ultimately, recompense for created works should be handled automatically, ubiquitously and in the background, requiring no other participation on the part of the end user than the simple consumption of the work itself, regardless of media player or platform.

The vague idea to use “the Blockchain” to facilitate this made sense in theory because of its ability to guarantee cryptographic uniqueness (of work, of identity, of chronology), but the actual networking and plumbing didn’t exist at the time of the initial airing of these proposals.

I’m excited about the Interledger protocol, in particular, because of its promise of an extremely high transaction rate (transactions per second), seemingly making it the ideal backbone for this use case and allowing it to coexist with other payments layers on the ledger.

Because we are aiming for a new standard, this payments layer should be completely agnostic and interoperable, and its components easily embeddable in every plaform/player.

I firmly believe that mostly everyone - including existing music publishing houses, labels and performing rights organizations can stand to gain from the implementation of such an open standard, and I would offer magnanimous transparency and sharing of data and metrics as an olive branch to encourage participation in this new way of accounting and attribution of rights and payments.

Please, get in touch if any of this resonates.

Best regards and be well,

Darshan Jesrani

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