An idea around monetising "distributed" content

Hi everyone!

I’m busy re-applying for the grant, this time with a tighter focus – for Conferences.

Hyperaudio for Conferences will provide a workflow to create Interactive Transcripts for recorded conference materials – this is great for accessibility and internationalisation as transcripts can be corrected, translated, searched, shared, remixed, converted to captions and exported for inclusion in websites (using the Hyperaudio Lite library) or Wordpress (using our plugin). We’ll also allow clips and remixes to be exported! All while respecting licensing that the conference organiser / talk author has selected.

The idea is that in exchange for allowing people to add Interactive Transcripts of conference content to their sites, we programmatically add a payment pointer to the head of the page the transcript is “embedded” in. Thereby creating a distributed way to collect payment for authors and organisers.

We’d do this by including the payment pointer code(s) in the export, with the Wordpress plugin or Hyperaudio Lite library taking care of the insertion of the code into the head of the page.

It strikes me that this model may have already been considered somewhere on this forum (although I’ve yet to locate it), but I thought I’d put it out there just in case, as it might be relevant to other forms of content and so something that others could use or ponder on.

I’m especially curious to know if people have ideas about this and/or can think of any possible downsides or blockers :slight_smile:



Hi Mark,
this is interesting. We have an interest in this from an AI perspective and a project we doing in the area of podcasting. My email is if you want a catch-up. Best regards, David

Sure David – I’ll ping you :slight_smile: