Another idea ... "decentralised" tasks?

Hey again … another idea that I’ll throw out there for comments and brainstorming.

In Singapore we have Grab (Southeast Asia Uber basically) and FoodPanda. Apart from their main services (Taxi & restaurant ordering), through Grab I can get things like small / medium sized packages delivered to a local address, day to day items (not full on groceries) ordered at the “corner shop” (IE: milk, eggs, snacks, toothpaste, etc). In terms of the latter FoodPanda offers the same thing.

Is there viability in offering a platform via a web monetised / Coil powered site or mobile app whereby I as the consumer / customer can put my request out to the other side of the platforms (riders / task handlers / insert preferred description here) such as:

  • I need to delivery a package
  • I need to place a letter in the post (that still happens, I swear!)
  • I need to buy toothpaste
  • I want to buy X Meal from Y Restaurant
  • etc etc etc

On the other side the individual can list what kind of tasks they are willing to engage in and receive notifications once a relevant task becomes available.

This would still require the customer to pay for whatever good is being purchased in the case of F&B, daily items, etc but in the case of delivery fees / surcharges it could be calculated per second / minute (with an agreed upon max value between the two participants?) via the previously mentioned web monetised web / Coil powered platform or mobile app?

In the case of delivering a letter / package or a task that doesn’t require an additional purchase then you just revert to the charge per second / minute model without the additional payment for the item.

I suppose its just a “decentralised” version of things like Grab / Uber / FoodPanda without the middle man sitting in between to A) restrict / process who can get involved on the rider side and B) without jacking up the fees and surcharges.

A possible better iteration of this would be to keep the environment more controlled and focused. Engaging “everyone” is obviously a harder market to capture and convince.

What about a web monetised task system for the household? Easier to on-board one individual in a household and have that individual adopt it with roommates or family. Three scenarios come to mind.

  1. Chores / tasks for kids. A parent lists the tasks that need to be completed and the kid eventually marks them off as done (ala 15Five type of dashboard?). Payment flows either immediately or upon approval from the parent. “Bonus” payment for completing it within a particular timeframe? Added benefit of exposing kids to web monetisation.

  2. Quite common in Southeast Asia to have live-in helpers or maids. Similar structure as the above.

  3. Roommates agree to a set of tasks that must be completed for the day, week, month, whatever. Everyone pools money into the wallet and lets say 1 of the 3 (for example) roommates fail to complete their task within the agreed timeframe, funds from the pool are streamed to the other 2 roommates as a “penalty” until the task is completed.

Could also be spun off to engage corporates and teams. Again likely an easier environment to incentivise adoption as opposed to the original description in my first post.

Expanding on the family dynamic a bit … longer term I would love to see the incentivise / penalty use case brought to mobile (I realise mobile isn’t the focus of GFTW at this stage).

For example a parent loads X amount of funds into a wallet and it tracks app usage on a kids phone. For example every time a kid opens Facebook or whatever other app the parent wants to limit usage on, the wallet streams funds out / back into the parents main wallet. Whatever is left at the end of the month gets released to the kid (IE: the less “bad apps” the kid wastes time on, the more is left in the wallet).

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