Are you experiencing subscription fatigue?

Is this a real thing? Are you exhausted by all the content subscriptions you have? Do you feel like joining or subscribing is the only way to support content you like?

We want to hear your ideas about this and how/if web monetization could help reduce this. These conversations really help us, so thank you!


Honestly, absolutely!

A lot of subscription models feel like they exist purely in the hope that people forget about them. I think other industries took notice of the gym monthly membership model and decided they could make it work for them. I’m particularly annoyed with the Microsoft Office annual membership, which I always forget about and don’t feel like the product gets hugely improved every year.

The video streaming services are particularly alarming as more services don’t actually benefit consumers at all. I’d love one product that aggregates it all.

I do think that platforms like Coil could be that aggregator… particularly in the news, publishing, video space. One subscription that accesses them all would be amazing. The problem I see is that companies are terrible at working together for the benefit of their customers.

Thanks for reading!


hi there. There’s project named OneLogin, where you do registration and after that you have access to all social networks. Maybe we need the same, when user have chance access to all his/her subscription in one place


Is there a danger that is why people gravitate to Google and Facebook meta-login systems do you think? Would you want to subscribe to networks, where stuff is packaged for you? What is the farmer’s market for this kind of small shopping?

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I just did a quick inventory. I have 11 paid subscriptions for content. That includes cable television which is obviously a large portal itself. I need to do better at smaller subscriptions and direct support but at that flat level it feels daunting to pick.


LOL. Soo true. I was charing a seminar a few weeks back in London. Check this presentation:

Explains a lot. Netflix spending hundreds of millions additionally to create more content and seeing the amount of hours people watch Netflix going down with double digits. Oops.

I don’t believe I am experiencing it myself, but I believe many others may be experiencing subscription fatigue.

I take pride in ensuring I remain “in control” of my online life (i.e. am aware of all online subscriptions/platforms/apps I often use, and regularly audit and remove services that are of no longer use for me).

I read somewhere in the comments that they believe the subscription model is in hopes that we will forget about it. I totally agree with that. I remember reading an article similar to this one, that details how gym memberships rely on you not going to the gym. If everyone went as often as they originally planned, then the gym would probably go out of business.

I think there’s a deadly combination of attention fatigue + fear of missing out that fuels the subscription model. Everyone always wants to stay connected, and remain up to date on everything. Just that can be exhausting.

A great (and short) book I would recommend to give you perspective on getting in control of your digital life is Program or Be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age.

Funnily enough, once I posted my first-ever reply here, I see this nice subscribe for notifications prompt:

Yet another thing to “subscribe” to…


We have a number of subscriptions, but it isn’t so much the subscriptions that get us as all the communication around the various organizations. It can be overwhelming trying to stay abreast of everything that is occurring. Part of this might be that these organizations sometimes create content not because it is essential to communicate but in order to retain subscribers. Perhaps if this was less of a concern not as much low important content would be created? :slight_smile:

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