Art influences the world with its practices

We are working to create a network of online art galleries for digital art hosted by artists and art professionals on their personal website. White Page Gallery is where private space becomes common space. At White Page Gallery we believe that websites are more than just portfolios and can actually become a powerful space for practing professional skills in the field of art and as network we can aim to become a fertile ground for human practices to spark human values too.
In a larger picture the White Page Gallery is this. We need positive stories and counter narratives. Art can inspire new models, new practices, stronger and healthier cultures within the art and creative industry and beyond if we make art about real life. The people getting involved in the WhitePageGallery believe in this. We got to offer symbolic reasons to tackle and stand against political agendas and propaganda based on “insularity and parochialism” and the failure of communication, we are very aware of this and and we will work against it, but also we know that we need practical and real stories about the values and potentialities of cooperation based on networks and teamwork. This is what the WPG is about. People part of the WPG network believe in sharing, collaboration and participation among artists, artcurators and art professionals. Our aim is that of creating positive, and critical, (counter) narratives to the present state of online and offline curation and influence it for the best and inspire new stories, scenarios, communities and art methodologies. WPG is not only about curatorial practices and real opportunities in online art. It is about culture, culture of establishing connections where there are barriers and nurture positive mutual values as respect, generosity, inclusivity. Art influence the world with its practices.
I started this network also because I would love to help in building a reality where artists and creatives can be rewarded for the art and contents they create and share online by the communities of people who follow and enjoy their art. I hope Grant for the Web’s community can help me in supporting the creators who are joining the White Page Gallery/s and I am very interested in experimenting web monetization as creator and with the creators part of the White Page Gallery/s network.
More about the White Page Gallery/s on this link
Thank you so much.


This is an intriguing art-related project you’ve developed.
I am interested in learning more and will be visiting your website. :slight_smile:

Hello Connie, thank you so much. The network/project is actively in full development and we are very open to feedbacks, I hope you find all of the info on the website useful. If you need more infos do not hesitate in contacting me. :smiley:

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BTW, your art, website and cryptovoxels are mind blowing!

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wow, thanks @Altered_Data
I appreciate you taking the time to check out my work.

Well, I am glad I did to be honest. I really enjoyed it.

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Love to hear that!

I’ll be adding new collections over time. I’m currently working on 4 more.

Sounds great, looking forwards to see those. I followed you on Twitter, so I am sure I will not miss the updates

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