Artifact Capitalism

I put together a thought experiment.

It is outlined at

Please take a look sometime & feel free to share the experiment as you see fit.

My theory is there are anxious kids out there. 9/11 up was scary for me, as it was for all of us. The kind of things happening right now are hard on kids. Some measure of control, any, and a sense of positive direction is far better than aimlessness and fear.

I plan to discuss web monetization and Grant for the Web quite a bit with anyone else who is interested in the experiment. It’s not a directly tangent line here, but there are quite a lot of overlaps and I’d love to know if people have any thoughts or feedback.

Thank you!


Hello and welcome to the forum. I like the spirit and the energy, but not sure what you are proposing here?

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I’m concerned about how social isolation and stress will affect people right now. I believe it is very important that we all have conversations online about our shared futures and that we not allow those conversations to to deteriorate into thoughtless name calling and side taking, which existing platforms tend to.

Web monetization is, imo, directly on the critical path of improving discourse online & strengthening neighborhoods offline. I don’t think you can make progress on one without making similar kinds of progress on the other.

Coronavirus ought to make us raise our eyebrows and introspect on the possibilities we never considered, and the costs of having not done so. I am hopeful that by removing partisanship from the equation and encouraging people to think critically about truth & the future, we can start to thoughtfully discuss where we want to go and what changes we need to make to get there, as opposed to continuing to scream at one another for how angry we are that we’re in the messes we’re in.

I would consider my idea as perhaps another perspective re Lowering the Barrier to Entry.

I don’t think lowering the technical barriers is the right answer as much as helping others become data and tech literate. I also don’t think that people understand how important web monetization is to them. has some context on where I am coming from as well. Essentially I want to build a toy for people to play with and learn about the internet while they are sitting at home under social isolation.

It may be totally unrealistic or impossible or misguided. But that is what I am trying to do. Raise interest and awareness. Get folks involved and in ways that cannot totally dissolve into who can copy and paste the most headlines in their favor, because Git does impose a certain amount of overhead and requires people to pause and think as opposed to just chasing more likes.

Will it work?

No clue.

But I miss the internet being a place where smart, thoughtful people got together and solved hard problems and darn it I want it back :slight_smile: