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A fun example of a web-based, monetized game. Careful… once you start playing you may get addicted :slight_smile:


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Nice share, @sparcx That’s amazing. And it’s likely going to take me a good few evenings to get through. But knowing that I’ll be giving back to those creators via Web Monetization is well worth it.


A writeup by, Nathan Lie, one of the invited judges of js13k 2019 :joystick:


Just played it for about 20 minutes. Fun game! And yes, it is addicting!

This is a pilot game as a PoC to see how to integrate coil + payments effectively in Unity + WebGL There is an XRP tracker so you know how much you have earned in-game. Enjoy!

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@snub-fighter I just gave it a try - cool to see the XRP counter in action! :space_invader:

I dont see a new payment incase you were trying to earn some. Did you use Coil or not enter an ILP address?

I used Coil (via Firefox with the add on) and could see the in-game counter slowly go up as I played. I also tried in a Chrome browser (without a Coil add on) and saw the option to add an ILP address.

I left it on so that feature is available for people to always use. The input field saves the players ILP address for future use, even after closing browser. This way they don’t have to go find it again.

The XRP drops earned are based on kills and an internal algorithm. Its not 1:1. The drops are only paid out if the player is Coil enabled and as Im sure you saw there was a separate ending for the non-subscriber to show them the potential if they signed up.

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Here’s Climberz made with the Defold engine…

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My best score is 7. Pretty tough but fun :slight_smile:

High score of 42 on the first level.

Wowsers. I can’t get to double digits. Well played!

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Ben James, a Defold developer has web monetized Unit 4. It includes perks (item names/powers are revealed when collected) for Web Monetization provider members.

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Solitaire fan? Here are two versions to check out:

Faerie Remastered & Faerie Harvest

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My weakness!