Call for Proposals - Early 2020

Do you have an idea to spark new business models for the web?

Twenty-seven years ago today, CERN, home of the web’s inventor, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, released software that powered the early web into the public domain. By making the web’s foundational technology free and easily accessible, CERN and Sir Tim created ideal conditions for the World Wide Web to thrive and expand into the vital public resource we depend upon today.

It is with great excitement that on a day of such historical significance, Grant For the Web is opening our first public Call for Proposals.

Last September, Mozilla, Creative Commons, and Coil launched Grant for the Web – a $100M, five year fund to boost open, fair, and inclusive standards and innovation in Web Monetization. Today we take the next big step and invite you to share your creativity, ideas, and vision.

Our initial public Call for Proposals will fund projects that contribute to an ecosystem of web monetized content, users, tools, and infrastructure. Through two distinct award tracks, the grant will support technology, tools, and infrastructure that innovate around the Web Monetization standard and the Interledger protocol, as well as experiments in the creation, distribution, and discoverability of monetized content. Grant for the Web will award variable amounts for projects up to six months in duration.

To learn more:


YAY, so exciting!


Great news! :partying_face: Time to get to WORK! :construction: :pick: . . . . . :rocket:



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Hi, will the fund be provided in USD or XRP?

The payouts will be in USD by default, but could be other currencies as well.


I thought the grant is being postponed due to coronavirus. Glad to see it proceeds well.

One question: I read the mentions

Projects submitted under the Creative Catalyst track should use existing Web Monetization technology to explore the creation, distribution, and discoverability of content online.

I’m a bit confused with the wording “should use existing WM technology”. Does this mean that Creative Catalyst track aims for projects that implement existing WM technologies?

My project is a platform and originally I intend to apply on Creative Catalyst. But the community where I aim to base my project on is usually creating content independently and in groups, so I planned to devep0- revenue sharing and open affiliate link generators via Web Monetization API with a custom made JavaScript library. The confusing part comes when I’m planning to open source my custom made JS library, and surely I’m planning to include this library in my proposal too. So, should I still apply on Creative Catalyst track, or should I focus my proposal on Foundational Technology?

My JS library is based on Ben Sharafian’s Probabilistic Revenue Sharing article and available on Github. Last time I tested it’s working though still very early, not sure if this counts as “existing WM technology” that the grant refers to.

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Hello, my first read of your post has me suggesting you go through the Foundational Technology track.

Thanks for the reply Chris. Is there any difference or restrictions between the two tracks in terms of funding allocation? I might need to commission freelance artists for platform’s assets and for advertisement purpose, and want to include that in my grant proposal.

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You should definitely include that in program/budget to best present your concept/program. There is no difference on the restrictions. This distinction in tracks is a guideline on how people present their project. My initial read from your post is that at its core your project is technical project that could enrich the WM ecosystem. But we know that the best projects will blend both technological tinkering and creative content. So if your project is “60/40” tech and submitted in that track it still holds project time and budget for content.

We will be rolling out some community engagement and help sessions soon that will allow more ways for people to think and plan on these topics.

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I see. I guess for now I’ll write my proposal draft in Technological Foundation track. I’ll check out your engagement sessions later if I have more questions popped out.

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Sounds good, there are only slight variations in the questions so if you were drafting in a doc you can start to write it and see how it progresses and proceed iteratively.

@Chris_Lawrence Great to see this launching!

What is the timeline after the deadline? How long will each step roughly take until a decision is made?

Also: The proposal we are trying to make is about 80% of work that fits under the Creative Catalyst Track, while there is a component that would fall under the Foundational Technology track. This is because as a side product we will develop a library that will make it easier for web extensions and other apps to integrate web monetisation. How should that be handled?


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Hey there - Question: Which maturity do the proposals have to have? What about the fact that I am having an idea but not the right people to realize it. Say I‘d need a coder to realize it. Will this proposal still be considered?

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Hello, thanks for the questions.

Q1: We are holding minimum 8 weeks after deadline to do the judging and a have awardees. It could take longer it is hard to know until we see how many total applications we receive. We will be balancing a thorough process and a need to turn these around with some agility.

Q2: Al the of the proposal will be a bit of a blend, but at least the way you describe in your post I would agree the Foundational Technology track is the way to go.

Hi Kass, thanks for the question. We believe that competition is going to be strong and there will be many high quality applications. I would strongly suggest that you try to assemble the elements/people you need to make the best proposal you can. So you will need to have a coder both ready to do the project if funded and to help you craft the best pitch.

Thanks for the swift reply! Just to make sure If there wasnt a mixup: do you mean the foundational track or the creative track (since 80%of work is for creative)

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Oh i misread, apologies. In the end all projects will be judge on their merit regardless. You might think about what the core of the innovation is in your idea, If it is indeed the 20% that expands the possibilities of WM creative output then tech track might work. Also the variance of the application is not great, so as you draft you might also consider answering all the questions and letting that help youwork up the best path.

Exciting! Good news that brighten up the day. Have been waiting for the announcement since we missed last year deadline. Can’t wait to share and make another major progress with the origination. Our project, LikeCoin have been working on content monetization, attribution and distribution. For anyone who are interested, our documentation is here. :smiley: