Can we create a proposal with Open Payments?

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It seems like Web Monetization only works for tracking how long someone spends on a site, which is really limiting. This also forces the design around making people spend more time on a site (e.g. tactics like making people wait 10 seconds to see content, etc.)

Open Payments ( really opens up the possibilities (no pun intended… can’t think of another expression) to p2p payments. Can the grant proposal include using tipping (similar to what tipalink talked about) or something like a “Like”-weighted payment system, e.g. I “liked” this post so I’m micropaying this author, etc.?

Lots of juicy ideas requires Openpayments to work, or would we essentially have to develop our own OpenPayments as part of the grant proposal in order to do anything other than track how much time someone’s spending on a page? Or are we limited to Coil right now, since OpenPayments doesn’t seem anywhere ready even for a beta?


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This sounds like a great idea, however the caveat is that it may have to be theoretical or a proof-of-concept initially.

The participants on the Interledger network are currently exploring Open Payments but nobody has implemented it on the live network yet.

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Yes, these kinds of experiments/prototypes are eligible for the grant as long as they use/connect with/incorporate ILP and the proposed open Web Monetization standard in some way. Using Coli/streaming micropayments are not a requirenment.

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