CC-Licensed assets to promote Web Monetization?

I wonder if there’s folders of media assets provided by the grant committees or other participants for people to use for campaigning Web Monetization API, like what Brave provide at for their browser, or like that one illustration Coil provides for Imgur Emerald landing page.


you may have found this by now: the official web monetization site is on github, including graphic assets, here:

perhaps you can use some of those.

This is a good idea, we can do this. It might take us some time though. Is there something you need?

Ah yes, I didn’t consider assets from the website before, though I’m thinking about assets to help generate conversion for users rather than developers. But all in all a compiled list of companies’ logos that support WM API might be useful. Thanks for pointing that out Karg.

Thanks for considering this @Chris_Lawrence.

For me what I needed the most is a WM related illustration to for Call-To-Action conversion. In my staging website, I do have CTA solely form WM purpose, but I still using CC-Licensed illustration I grabbed from the internet that unrelated to Web Monetization.

What’s on my mind is more like a asset listing page that either hosted on Grant for the Web website or, that’ll become the go-to place for anyone who needs asset for Web Monetization purpose. A list of illustrations are nice, but what’s more useful would be small packs of WM related SVGs that can be used to fill details (such as Coil’s stream loop SVG animation

I’m also been wondering if images used in Grant for the Web are CC Licensed? The website says all content licensed in CC, but I want to know if that applies to the assets too. I’m planning to make a pull request on repo later on for my revenue sharing library called fundme.js, but I still lack a logo for it. I’m planning to use this image as a logo in case Grant for the Web really does license the asset in CC License. And maybe, perhaps for logo for the library’s website too if that’s okay.

^^ @fabian

Hey @RadhyR,
thank you for the feedback :slight_smile: As Chris said we will look into some options that help promote WM. It might take some time though.

In the meantime, if you need logos for your projects I suggest to check out Flat icon or other similar sites. They have tons of free options that might work better as a logo than a clipped image from the Grant for the Web website.

Let me know, if that is helpful.

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I do believe the idea I brought here is a long term strategy, so there’s no need to rush here :grin:

I do have a plan to explore other site for the logo too, thanks for the reference!

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