Challenge of applying for the grant

I am trying to apply for the grant but I am encountering difficulties regarding editing of the submissions. I am unable to save as draft, and provide much details.

I am probably missing something…

Can you please assist

Best regards

You might want o write in an offline document and then copy and paste it over. Not sure what your specific issue is. Can you describe more?

Thanks for your response.

I guess I need to paste it in the Note area? How do I submit the Grantee timeline and Grantee Buget?

I believe this is the format:

  • Short project summary
  • The problem your project addresses
  • How you will integrate Web Monetization
  • The goals of your project
  • Timeline template
  • Budget template
  • Team member resumes / LinkedIn profiles
  • Prior experience with Web Monetization and/or Interledger if applicable
  • Your plan for licensing any content, software, or documentation involved in your project
  • How your project will widen participation in Web Monetization in your own community.
  • What you hope to learn by the end of the project
  • How you will communicate publicly about your work
    Best regards

hi @longshak I just want to confirm that you are trying to submit your application using Submittable. You need to create a free account, and then you can access the form

To submit the timeline and budget templates, make a copy of the documents and then go to the second tab in each document. Fill these templates out and save as PDFs. You can upload these PDFs in Submittable where they are asked for.

Good afternoon, Yes that is what I am trying to do that but:

  • I can submit with Images in the note area
  • I saved the budget and the time line templates in PDF but there appears to be no prompt/button for me to upload the pdf.

And the dateling for submission is tommorow

Thank you

Good afternoon, I am trying to submit a proposal for the grant for the web but I am unable to save as draft, and to upload the PDF files I am supposed to upload as part of the application

Hi @longshak Are you using this form to apply? You should be able to save your work before pressing submit. There are specific places to upload the budget and the timeline PDFs in this application, as well as a place for additional supporting documents.