Changing monetization meta value via console or from another extension

Hello everyone.

I just want to ask what happens when you change the monetization meta content value dynamically? Does it affect streaming payments or no?

An example would be creating an extension, and adding content script that will change the content value to another pointer.

const meta = document.head.querySelector("meta[name=monetization]");
// Change the content to all monetized pages you visit
meta.content = "$";

In a way I think this is an exploit but no idea if this is fixed?


Also, Sabine has played around with some dynamic stuff via Intersection Observer:

Dynamically changing meta content is allowed and completely justifiable. My Money Chat hackathon submission depends on it.

Edit: Just realized you are talking about changing pointer from extension, not javascript. Doesn’t seem right that extension could change pointer and the web site code would just keep serving content.

Interesting! - This has got me thinking about how to distribute payments to the various sources included in a remix. Regarding @wobsoriano’s web extension issue - I’m not sure what would happen - time for a bit of experimentation to see what is and isn’t possible. :slight_smile:


Love the idea of the WM following a remix chain in some way./

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