Community Space Change Notification

Tl;dr: We’re moving the community space to a more dynamic home:

Hello Grant for the Web Community!

We’d like to update you on where we’re focusing our community engagement going forward. While this Discourse instance has served us well in the early days of Grant for the Web, we are shifting the community activity to a custom space built on’s Forem tool:

We made this decision because:

  • We wanted a more social network style space featuring engagement tools beyond a message board
  • We needed a space that would allow for the public sharing of multimedia Grant Reports
  • We wanted a space that was Web Monetized and allowed the community to experiment with the technology we’re all exploring together

The implications for these changes are:

  • To participate in the Web Monetization community please join us at
  • The new space is free to use, open to all, and you can browse without an account
  • We will be fully shutting the doors on this Discourse community on June 1, 2021
  • The Grant for the Web Program Team will continue to monitor this forum until June 1
  • We will change all links on our website that reference the community space to the Forem instance
  • Please send any questions for the Program Team to the new community space or to

We thank all of you for participating in this space over the last 18 months! It started many conversations, helped us get to know you and, most important, helped you all to connect to each other. Our new community space looks to expand these activities and connections even further!

Please join us at