COMPOST magazine Call for Pitches

Hi there,

We are thrilled to announce our call for pitches for the first issue of COMPOST magazine!

We’re a magazine about the digital commons. But we also see it as a process to metabolize and renew our relationships with the Web, to imagine and build interdependent, equitable, and solidarity-based systems of communication and knowledge sharing.

The theme of the first issue is fertile grounds. As large swathes of the Web decay, we want to explore how its remains can help new networks flourish. We are looking for works that are approachable, intimate, and grounded in experience. We encourage contributors to examine the Web from a place of abundance, to reflect on the projects, communities, technologies, protocols, and networks that enable authentic and trustful connections.

More details here: :sparkles: :sparkles:

This magazine is a pilot of Distributed Press and a Grant for the Web Mid Level grantee.