Content Creator Looking for Ideas

I’ve been a long time advocate for Creative Commons ever since being introduced to it by a Free Talk Live a pro-liberty nationally syndicated Radio Program. They’re an independent show that puts these ideas into practice, and I used to be a co-host.

Today I have a Youtube Channel called To The Lifeboats about cryptocurrency and the paradigm shift it represents. I’ve marked all my content Creative Commons from the beginning, and several channels have taken my work and remixed it into beautiful works. (and some uhh, not so much, lol)

I have an extensive background in corporate america, engineering, video production, activism, training, etc. I have the ability to produce professional quality content and make complex topics simple.

I’m looking for ideas that put my skills and abilities to work in a way that helps spur adoption and awareness.



SamYouAre, you are here as well, nice :slight_smile: