Content Link beyond hyperlink

We have created a novel content link that we describe as “Content Link beyond hyperlink” and call CLink (fundamentally bidirectional). We have set up a live demonstration at

The supporting platform is the first integrated solution for registering content and rights, processing licenses, disseminating content and handling attributions; all of those interfaced through a CMS. CLink is free for personal, non-commercial use.

CLink was inspired by two fathers of the internet: Ted Nelson (inventor of the hyperlink) and Robert Kahn (inventor of TCP/IP).

We are in the early beta phase, plan to have peer-to-peer monetization offered later this year. Would love to hear any comments and feedback you may have. More specifically, would be very interested to hear what monetization features you would like to see.


Very cool. I just tweeted about it:

Thank you, appreciate it. I was looking at your site and was wondering if we may have some common interest e.g. content dissemination, attribution handling and due to the fact that the content, rights, and transactions are trackable.

P.S. Congrats for the NGI award
P.P.S. @Clinks_Tweets is a different organization, not us.