Created an extension to track your micropayments as a subscriber!

Hello everyone!

I just launched a browser extension that lets you track and manage your micropayments to web monetized websites, having a web monetization provider membership (i.e. Coil).

It’s available in Firefox already, but still pending in Chrome. Here’s the link


  • Dashboard - Aggregated breakdown on how much went to each site in total

  • Recent Payments - History of micropayments to websites with web monetization

  • Payment Alerts - Get notifications when a certain amount is reached

  • Export History - Export micropayments history to csv/xlsx

  • Theme Switcher - Choose between light and dark mode

PayTrackr stores all of your micropayments locally on your device. Only you have access to your data. Not even the web monetization providers can read your data.

PayTrackr is 100% open source software. The source code for PayTrackr is hosted on GitHub and everyone is free to review, audit, and contribute to the PayTrackr codebase.

Let me know what you think!


Nice start, Robert. I enjoyed reading your DEV article and progress throughout the Hackathon.

I feel the Add-on within the Firefox store could do with a better description. And a start of an FAQ would be handy resource for those with questions.

I guess the ‘security’ and ‘privacy’ side of things is what is going to be scrutinized the most. But it is a good start that this is user opt-in ie. they have to explicitly decide to install the add-on.


Thanks for reading the article!

I agree and I’ll continuously update the description and anything security and privacy related part.

Chrome extension available now!

Microsoft Edge: In Review


Good news! v0.2.2 has tons of interesting updates:

  • Payment counter
  • Toggling real-time dashboard on/off
  • Toggling monetization on/off

PayTrackr is currently in beta so there will be changes anytime soon!


Looks very nice. I think you forgot to include the link to the GH repo. That should go everywhere you mention the free / open source part.

Yes I forgot about that.

Here’s the repo