CSS Tricks using web monetization

I see CSS Tricks is using the web monetization tag e.g.

However it seems to be paying to one account regardless of the article author;

I wish sites would detail their use of web monetization. Who the money is going to and why. Also for Coil and other payment providers to allow me a bit more control as I don’t want to automatically support everything I read.

I echo your sentiments. Under the assumption the Coil plugin will allow ‘toggling’ to turn on and off payments without signing out, are you envisioning an opt-in model as opposed to an opt-out model of payments? Or something of a latency where after x (milli)seconds, then the payments will begin. That way content with a high bounce rate is not rewarded. Just curious to see what you think and get ideas flowing.

For now I’d like a “stop paying” button in Coil. Coil does have a delay mechanism but with wevolver.com I spent long enough trying to figure out the owners that I ended up streaming payment to them.

Longer term I’m not sure. With opt-in I might forget to pay, opt-out I might not notice I am paying. A proper browser cue like the security padlock might be more noticeable than the Coil icon.

I think Coil are going to implement more insights in to who you have paid so if that list allowed me to go back and remove some sites/pages before payment happens I might do that. Complicated if the site/page offers benefits though.

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