Dance and the IoV

Hello all!

My name is Casey Herd, I’m the founder and director of Ballet Rising.

Ballet Rising is a media platform/documentary film series about the rising popularity of ballet around the world, often in the most unlikely places. Global interest in ballet has been skyrocketing in recent years with films, TV programs, and web content bringing this classical art form to billions of people. An international desire to be a part of the global ballet community has driven many people in places with little to no history of western art to begin building schools and companies. They are going to great lengths to follow their passion to dance and bring ballet to their areas of the world. Ballet Rising aims to document this movement through documentary films, short videos, photo albums, podcast interviews and articles to bring these stories to life and to build a more connected and inclusive global dance/arts community.

We want to explore new ways of funding arts projects/companies that can aline incentives between the people and entities who financially support the performing arts with the community of fans and artists around the world who value it most and bridge the gap between public and private financing for the arts.

I believe that web monetization is a major step in this process, as decentralised finance and digital assets become a reality, and Im looking forward to collaborating with this community to explore all the benefits the Internet of Value has to offer.

You can see our teaser video filmed in India and Nepal as well as a variety of articles and photo albums we recently produced from Africa and Brazil here:

Thank you all so much!


Im really looking forward to collaborating with @JamielLaurence on ways we can bring dance and the performing arts into the token economy. :grinning:

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@Casey_H I can’t wait to get my ideas and proposal finalised, and look forwards to collaborating with you in the near future!


Hi Jamiel!! Have a great day! :grin:

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Casey, the motive and the execution of your website is wonderful. Congratulations.

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Thank you so much @jfarkas! Really appreciate your feedback and compliments! Cheers!