Dance - On Stage, On Camera and On the Web

Hello All,

My name is Jamiel Laurence, and I am a choreographer based in Glasgow, Scotland.

I am a believer that Dance on the web has yet to find its true home and achieve online recognition as a primary art form. Although we can all quickly find those impressive clips, promotional videos and even more substantial works in various places via a quick search, there has yet to be a truly dedicated online platform that is where a work is premiered, shared and talked about all in one place.

Having actively sought and achieved partnerships over the past year with projects supported by companies such as Apple, the BBC and Google; I am a real supporter of what Coil could mean for the future of the Arts in the online digital space.

However I am even more eager to see what companies promoting a borderless, internationally recognised platform for Dance could do for those who choreograph, dance, teach, mentor, produce work and take part in all of the other aspects of the artform.

Dance is a community, and I do hope that this forum is somewhere that the community ideals that dance promotes can be tried, tested and disrupted towards new and exciting outcomes.

Jamiel Laurence


This is lovely! I would encourage you to follow along with our program and look for opportunities that might appeal to you.

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Hi Chris,

Thank you for your reply.

I will be keeping an active eye on everything going on in this forum, and I look forward to taking part.