Danky.art - Browse Tokenized Artwork and Stream Micropayments


I’d like to share my website danky.art as an example of Web Monetization. Back on July 22, 2019 (tweet), I enabled Coil across my portfolio. Now visitors with a Coil subscription can stream micropayments while browsing my ever-evolving portfolio.

Additionally, each piece of art on my site is tokenized as a collectible ERC721 NFT.


Super cool! We love examples of people already experimenting. I will stream some money your way as I check out your trippy art!

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Hey, thanks so much Chris! I appreciate your time.

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That’s pretty cool. Is there a tutorial on how to go about doing that?


Thank you @RightBrain
Installing Coil is as simple as adding a line of code to your website. You can learn more at https://help.coil.com/en/articles/2306885-faqs

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I loved the digital art gallery. It was an incredibly unique idea!


Thanks so much for taking the time to check it out @VengefulSeven :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll see if I can add it to my portfolio too :slight_smile:

And how did you tokenize the art pieces? If you don’t mind me asking.

Fantastic @RightBrain!

Most of the works displayed on danky.art are tokenized on my personal smart contract, but I also have some pieces tokenized on SuperRare.

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Hey Chris,

Did you have a chance to visit the site?

It was refreshed today.

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I did I check into it every few days!

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:sunglasses: Whoa. That’s really cool!

Thanks @Chris_Lawrence

Collection UPDATE! This slideshow features 9 tokenized artworks from my Floppy Disk Collection.

See more at http://danky.art

I’m 9 months into this exciting world of NFTs and Crypto Art, and things are accelerating fast! In my latest blog post I take a look at what Crypto Art is, the consumption of the art itself and the function that marketplaces play in the present day. https://danky.art/blog/nfts-and-crypto-art