Dedicated Dance Platform - Streaming and Monetising Live Performances

The first open call will be in winter of 2020 and probably be in the $50k range (although that could change)

We will be doing more calls, more different kinds of calls/awards in the first few years rather then taking a chunked approach. We have been thinking about what research grants could look like as well.


For those of you outside of the dance industry, here is an article Ive been working on for Ballet Rising about the renaissance ballet and dance have been experiencing the past few years. I hope this gives people a good idea for how monetising the incredible amounts of content that is being created could really revolutionise the performing arts. Have a read and consider the potential we have now to build new economic models for artists around the world. @cyberdees @Chris_Lawrence


I came across an interesting take on Dance by Mark Kermode at the BBC today, and I thought I’d share it below, as it completely encapsulates the problem of the lack of awareness and education available around dance; a problem that a Dedicated Dance Platform could solve.

7.42 onwards

“I wish I knew something about dance, because I kind of think, in the end, probably; if I actually understood Dance, I would think it was the highest art from”


That is great; thanks D

It has been a short while since I last put something out onto this forum regarding my ideas around the monetisation of Dance on the Web via a Dedicated Dance Platform; Therefore I wanted to update those following this discussion on what I’ve been up to:

  • As you can see above, I have met with fellow forum member @Casey_H of Ballet Rising in Amsterdam, and further to this face to face we are continuing to maintain a healthy dialogue around the wider subject, looking at ways we can work together as two entities, and how our ideas could combine across projects. I cannot emphasise enough how unusual it is for this conversation topic to be found in the dance community of which we both identify, and in whatever direction the GFTW grants may lead us, it is thrilling to in this thread at ground zero!

  • A former colleague and Ex-Principal Dancer of Scottish Ballet, Erik Cavallari, who holds a Masters in International Relations and Environmental technologies, and a a BA in Public Administrations, has kindly come on board to assist in getting my ideas from paper to practice. Erik is a blockchain enthusiast and was the person who originally turned my focus onto ILP tech and the potential of COIL to change dance for the better.

  • Together with Erik, we have drafted an initial response to the GFTW brief, which I will shortly be working to refine and adjust with the help of @Casey_H ahead of the MozFest event on 23rd of October, with @Chris_Lawrence & team. CANT WAIT!

  • As I begin to take on the year ahead as a Creative, I have been gearing the commissions that I have been receiving towards COIL based outputs such as uploading exclusively to Cinnamon Video as a way to invite new members into the COIL ecosystem.

*On the side… I’ve just finished our run of shows across Scotland of ‘The Crucible’ at Scottish Ballet, and so that’s where most of my time has been this last month!! *

I am continuing to network, interview and open the conversation with the various organisations that I work with, and I look forward to meeting some of you this week in London!



The dance world is growing and it’s warming up to the digital age!

On Wednesday 23 October, join World Ballet Day 2019 on Facebook, YouTube and live at the Royal Opera House, to get a glance at life behind the scenes for leading dance companies The Australian Ballet, Bolshoi Ballet and The Royal Ballet.

This year, the event is focused around the theme Every Body Can Dance.

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Happy World Ballet Day 2019

Join Ballet Rising director Casey Herd and content creator Lindsay Alissa King on Facebook to discuss ballet around the world today. We will be highlighting a number of articles we have produced about the rapid rise of ballet in all corners of the planet as well as the upcoming films we shot in Brazil this summer.

Come join us and ask questions, let us know your thoughts and let’s have a great day dedicated to the art we love!

Ballet Rising Facebook:


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One question I got while attending this years Mozfest 2019, was “where is my content available now…?”

Well here’s a few examples:




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Hello Everyone!

A small update from me today.

On Saturday 9th November, I attended the ONEDANCEUK awards 2019, where I was shortlisted for the Screendance - Impact award. Although I lost the award, I was actually a dancer who took part in the winning films, part of my home company Scottish Ballet’s own Digital Season; So no sour grapes :slight_smile:

More importantly however; I had a chance to connect with an extremely diverse gathering of dance artists, educational and even outside corporate nominees including everything from the small Birmingham based ACE DANCE, a group of middle school teachers introducing dance to children in the midlands, and then right up to the multinational TESCO who broke a dance record this year for the biggest and longest Super Group routine.

The ONEDANCE UK awards highlighted the coming together of diverse communities in dance, cultural dance styles and ONEDANCE’s own unique approach to building a new social ecological structure around dance and its various applications. The below is taken from their website:

One Dance UK is the sector support organisation leading the way to a stronger , more vibrant and more diverse dance sector. We present one clear voice to support, advocate, enhance and give profile to dance in the UK. Our aim is to provide information, resources and opportunities for a workforce that is well-equipped to secure dance’s prominence in the cultural landscape of the future.

I highly reccomend visiting for a peek into what I consider to be a shining example of the inclusive and borderless dance organisation; the an example of the type I hope to build my own project into with Grant for the Web funding — The World’s First Dedicated Dance Platform


You are a ROCK STAR Jamiel! Congratulations!


So join let’s dance on


Im very interested to speak with musicians about web monetisation and how the dance world can coordinate with composers and musicians in a variety of ways.



As you may have seen from my earlier interview with the commercial dancer posted above, the ability to monetize dance content online in that particular field is currently hindered greatly by the murky waters around music right, monetization and publication.

I’d be very interested to work with new technologies that would free dance from these constraints!


Fantastic you can join our platform
And we can set up a collaboration.
Would you like to dance on one of my song?
And the we released on DTube

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Let’s do it!

Email me a track and a link to and let’s make something great in 2020!



To everyone who has followed this thread, supported its message and even met with me in person over the past 6 months, thank you for a Great 2019!

!!!Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

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Sent it

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2020 and all of the amazing things that are going to happen!


Change is in the air! New economic models for the performing arts are needed.


Jamiel, what is your thought on addressing the copyright issue, which is raised as the main issue in the interview posted on 10/19?