Definition of "project" in application form

Hi. In the application form, there are many references to “project”, starting with question 1.
Please can you clarify exactly what you mean by “project”?

I mean, do you want us to write here about what we do as an organisation - our wider project and mission - or do you want us to specifically talk about the group of activities we hope to be funded by Grant for the Web?

If the latter, where in the application form do we get to tell you about our wider mission? Because this is also important! It would be good for you to have some context for what we’re trying to do.

Many thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @jemima Project refers to the activities you would like to be funded by Grant for the Web? If you’d like to include information about your organization’s wider mission, you could include that as an attachment in the Supporting Documents section near the end of the application. Feel free to reference this document in your text answers if/where relevant.


Thanks for the clarification, that’s great!