DVO - A decentralized governance model

Hi everyone. I’ve been slowly developing an application/browser extension that serves as a decentralized social media platform/governance model. I’ve been experimenting with different technologies, however, as it stands, I’m probably going to go with GunDB, Ethereum and Solid.

Here is a link to the demo:- https://glensimister.github.io/devo/
NOTE: I’m currently in the process of rebuilding it so a lot of the features are yet to be implemented.

Here is a link to some technical specs:- https://glensimister.github.io/profile/

Anyway, if there’s any developers looking for a project to work on please get in touch. cheers :wink:


Also here are some youtube videos:-

NOTE: The demo was built on the SafeNetwork browser. I’m no longer using the SafeNetwork as i’m not sure how long it will take to be finished.

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Heya - I moved your posted to Ideas & Collaborations so hopefully more people see it. It was previously in Uncategorized.

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