Ecological and Social Justice and Sustainability

Hi, I was pleased to read the following phrase:

“ … exceptions may be made from time-to-time where exceptional circumstances merit a deviation … ”

— in the information about the grant ( FAQ ), as what I have to offer is likely way out of the ball park of what you’re expecting, although I hope it’s also either congruent with what you’d hoped existed out there somewhere, or that you can be convinced of its undeniable merit … I say this because the world is full of people whom deny the undeniable ( unfortunately ), including many of those whom should know better.

Anyway … I’ve had a 30+ year obsession with the quantification of ecological & social justice & sustainability via the principles of ecological systems modelling & thermodynamics ( see the work of the late ecologist Howard Odum ), as a basis for systems of non-species-biased, non-property/trade/currency-based, and non-hierarchical (aka anarchic) justice economics & politics … and which I’m now authoring a series of books about, and attempting to begin the process of prototyping and testing various component technologies for a project collaboration development & resource allocation framework based on these principles.

The general idea from a sociological perspective, is that no one can be trusted with power or authority, and no one’s beliefs or values are worth anything — if they were worth anything they’d be called knowledge and understanding — therefore the systems strategies and structures I’ve developed are either based on or aimed at an anarchic civilisation, where no one has authority, and yet influence still occurs, in proportion of strength to the consequences of the actions taken or proposed.

However we cannot change the world overnight, there’s too much entrenchment and momentum of the status quo, consequently these strategies structures and systems all interface with the world as we know it, while operating via different principles internally ( and between each other ), with the outcomes feeding back data resources and capabilities into the evolution of the entire framework.

I’ve had some friends donate a decommissioned commercial grade rack mounted server, and I’m gradually learning what I need to learn in order to set up my network and development environment with security zones etc., using pfsense and other software, and I suspect the project collaboration development & resource allocation framework will at least in part be based on something like GitLab, but there’s way too many specialised requirements for me to have much hope that off the shelf open source systems with suitable licensing will exist, and hence I’ll be forced to develop a great many things from scratch …

… this task is of course impossible to do alone, so I’ll be aiming to sell off some basic commercial ideas to make the money required to get people working with me full-time, but then of course comes the issue of trust, plus psychological philosophical and political alignment with any such persons.

It’s been an extremely long and challenging road so far … but I see Mozilla holds at least some similar values, so while I had for a time given up on trying to find financial partners who won’t try to screw up what they don’t understand, I’m here to see if I can give that another shot.

On a personal note, I’m a fan of Douglas Adams, some of the projects I want to put through my own framework are games, others film/tv screenplays or scripts, plus books, events, and other ‘entertainment’ industry products … but I also have business systems and machines, and many other things, having studied a great many sciences plus engineering specialisations, there’s not much I can’t see how to improve and not many problems I can’t see visionary solutions for … oh, and I look like the love child of a Hobbit with gigantism that shagged a Wookie after a big night out at The Green Dragon.

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