Email newsletter sign-up silently fails

Grant for the Web uses to capture email addresses for updates. Unfortunately, this domain appears on blacklists, namely, so any device configured using this blacklist will block it (e.g., Pi-hole).

While the email sign-up widget script loads (from a separate subdomain), it doesn’t seem to account for the possibility of request failure. So in this situation clicking the button does nothing. There is no error message or similar.

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Thanks for flagging. We’ll look into this.

Hi @jacobbudin. Here is the response we received from Campaign Monitor:

Hi Christine,

Ged from Campaign Monitor here, thanks for getting in touch!

Thank you for getting in touch about these blacklistings. I can completely understand your concern when seeing IPs listed on DNSBLs. It’s pretty scary when you have an important message to go out. I can assure you that these listings will have very little if any impact on your campaigns at most mailbox providers.

The reality of email marketing is that you’re on a block list somewhere all the time. Some block lists will list you just for sending “marketing” email, whether or not it’s explicitly solicited. There is no way to have your IP removed from such lists.

Our Compliance & Deliverability team does a regular review of these low impact DNSBLs and will follow up with senders who contributed to the listings. We have our IPs removed from those lists when possible. The impact to our global mail traffic is less than .01%.

The health of your subscriber list, the explicit permission you’ve earned, and the perceived value of your email content are much larger factors in how many of your emails make it to the inbox. The impact of a well maintained, fully opted in list will boost your reputation as a sender and is your best protection from occasional blacklistings which will inevitably happen.

I hope this helps! If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to let me know!

Yours Sincerely,

Ged Neville
Customer Support Specialist

Ged Neville’s response is a copy-and-paste job. The blackholed domain prevents users from subscribing to the newsletter, not from receiving emails. The issue has nothing to do with deliverability.

I assume the domain is blacklisted because Campaign Monitor embeds tracking pixels hosted on their own domain in the emails they send.

Anyway, someone at Campaign Monitor should update their poorly-coded embed script to handle non-200 status codes and show error messages (or better yet, stop spying on users’ inboxes and request their domain be removed from blacklists). But the likelihood of this happening is nil.

That said, I appreciate you taking the time to consider my feedback. Thank you.