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Hi here Lorenzo Italian Romantic SongWriter

I would like to share with you my experience about blockchain monetization. I jumped into the blockchain mouvement starting from Musicoin, my first love.
And I really was able to go forward on my music production, thanks to many collaboration with many artists you can find inside these blocks. So naturally I was invited to join Steemit, with many different communities, then I found whaleshares.io than PublishOx, Hyperspace, Weku, Dtube, Bittubers and many others. I found a great community with Atomcollector too driving me on this crazy world. So I was invited join Musicoin Ambassador family and I love participate to the prosperity of many other artists in the world, so I’m trying to give my energy to this great project take a look Musicoin is helping musicians

Then I joined Steemit Italia too, Hyperspace Amplifier Program (but they shutted down last month), I’ll join DTube forum in Hamburg https://steemit.com/fundition-52945tn85/@dtube.forum/numbers-facts-and-sidenotes-from-03-december-2019-20191203t160434z and many many collaboration all around this trip with other great blockchain walkers like @djlethalskillz, @asterios @samprock @atomcollector aka @juxta, @tanzaff prod @ChosenB2B @Alex_Rourke @luciannagy @junik @…

Take a look to my artist blockchain trip log on https://linktr.ee/lorenzopistolesi

Here the purpose of the monetizAction to share with the country where fiat currency doesn’t work anymore, but crypto yes, people can provide food.
I started to work with Alexander from Venezuela. We can use the blockchain and cryptocurrencies for their real purpose. Art and Solidarity. You can send a little ammount of SDB too. https://steemit.com/art/@chinotattooart. He is in the PPP smart contract too. he was banned from Steemit.
The video https://youtu.be/rE6h5YgBnq4

Here it is an old of my post from Steemit

Life was born in the water, this seems the most popular thesis. Like in steemit.com surely the same thing happened. It all started with an amoeba with Steem Power of 0.01, then the amoeba became plankton ect … You know the story very well if you met Steemit. But surely, if you are a small fish, the first goal you have put in your mind is to become a whale. So this is why Whaleshare.io appeared and soon you will be able to embbedded Musicoin player within. Cross-chain synergy

Here the first Musicoin Player on https://whaleshares.io/@lorenzopistolesi/crypto-for-venezuela-with-samprock

But to become a whale is the only goal? It wasn’t whales to bring the evolution of the species out of the water. First were the arthropods (crustaceans, spiders, insects, etc.), which had already developed an impermeable and rigid external support structure (exoskeleton) in the sea… The plankton were first and then the amphibians, were not whales in any case. This is what we talk about evolution. This is the internal propeller present in each of us. To evolve.

Evolution ~ diversification
Diversity is the richness of evolution. They are almost synonymous : evolution and diversification. So it is important that every form of life performs that step that will serve the next life form to live better in an environment that would have been hostile to it. This is why it is important to describe first of all the environment in which you are now. Does it feel good to feel like plankton in an infinite sea? Do you want to have the only objective to becoming a whale? Because? Enhance your work? Are you sure it’s the only road?

Evolution teaches us the opposite. There has never been one single road, but always an infinite number of roads. Of course, to become a whale the roads are endless equally, but even more endless will be the roads if you decide to get out of the water. And that is why we receive compensation here on Whaleshare because in our small way we contribute to advancing the evolution. From Bitcoin’s Proof of Work, we moved to Steem’s Proof of Brain. Steem remains the most active blockchain in the world. Than we go to proof of share of Whaleshare. The underlying objective is as follows:

The more content you share and the more you create value
Which is still better than the Bitcoin proof of work who generates value simply burns oil through the miners’ graphic cards.
But in the history of evolution every form of life has always had different needs and missions. That’s why the first thing I did is ask who I am? Where am I? What can I bring to the evolution of humanity? How much this post can improve the life of the post produced by the whaleshare user reading this post. He can remain so inspired to create another post that can inspire me again to write an even better?

For this reason, most important is to share, and from share we can move to “sharism”, like the normal action to do in the blockchain. Share everywhere and code the blockchain from sharism. Mine crypto from sharism is the new frontier of the blockchain and expecially MUSICOIN, because is the most difficult action to do. From proof of share to proof of sharism. The more you share the more you create value. Because.

From the White Paper of Musicoin:
"The more you share, the more you receive, the more you share, the more you share, the more you share, the more you are, the more you share, the more everyone receives "
musicoin italia largo.jpg

Adapted from : https://steemit.com/steemit/@lorenzopistolesi/the-passage-of-an-era-from-proof-of-brain-to-proof-of-sharing-musicoin-eng

We are in the passage of an era, between before and after, between the sea and the mainland. And this is the right song to complete this post: https://musicoin.org/nav/track/0x1cda4399b29abf905256f2193a5322deeaa91a64, to make sense of it. Enjoy.
passage of an era.JPG photograph of the author

Sorry for my bad english!

The rest of the discography on: https://linktr.ee/lorenzopistolesi


I hope this music blockchain can accompany you in writing your posts to the fullest!

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Hi to all in the house

almeno un po

English translation : Almeno un po’ (Win at least a little)

Almeno un po’

Take this guitar, the clothes, the shoes and my land
I will always have the desire to touch a star
Because beyond our borders we had so well defined
There are sometimes the destinies that the world had not given us
As much as you can be different from the dress code
It is always the work and the commitment you will put into dreams to be realized
To make you find the way to release all the energy
What it takes every day to live win and endure all melancholy

To try to discover for the rest of your life, which is the best dream in the end
Which you can never give up, even if you can not define it
Like a wave that you can not stop
Try to win every day at least a little
Every day win at least a little, every day win at least a little

There is nothing sadder than a dream ever made
That remains every day locked up in the drawer of a restless heart
There is nothing more beautiful than a dream to be realized
What gives you the strength to fall, get up and try
To try to discover for the rest of your life, which is the best dream in the end
Which you can never give up, even if you can not define it
Like a wave that you can not stop
Try to win every day at least a little
Every day win at least a little, every day win at least a little

Almeno un po’

Prendetemi questa chitarra i vestiti le scarpe e la terra
Mi resterà sempre la voglia di toccare con mano una stella
Perché oltre i nostri confini che avevamo così ben definito
Ci sono talvolta i destini che il mondo non ci aveva fornito
Per quanto potrai essere diverso dal codice vestimentare
Son sempre il lavoro e l’impegno che metterai nei sogni da realizzare
A farti trovare la strada a sprigionare tutta l’energia
Che ci vuole ogni giorno per vivere vincere e sopportare ogni malinconia
Tentare tentare per tutta la vita a scoprire, qual’è in fondo il sogno migliore
Al quale mai tu potrai rinunciare, anche se non lo sai definire
Come un’onda che non puoi fermare
Tentare di vincere ogni giorno almeno un po’
Ogni giorno vincere almeno un po’, ogni giorno vincere almeno un po’
Non c’è cosa più triste di un sogno mai realizzato
Che resti ogni giorno rinchiuso nel cassetto di un cuore affannato
Non c’è cosa piú bella di un sogno da realizzare
Quello che ti da la forza di cadere, rialzarti e tentare

Lorenzo Pistolesi: parole, music, chitarra, basso, drum