Fundme.js - jQuery of monetization on the web!

I just started a doc website for my Web Monetization open source library Fundme.js!

It’s live now at:

For now I just wrote only the introduction page, I’ll work on other sections gradually in my spare time. Also, this is my first open source library, so I’m excited to host the documentation on Gitbook! I’ll make pull request for tools section later when I’m confident with the documentation site.

Please check it out! (For now, it’s nothing much, please go to the github repo for more information!)

Nice start, @RadhyR. Any reason why the site [] itself isn’t monetized?

I’m just getting started using Gitbook’s platform, the doc site is hosted with free account. Not sure if I can inject custom web monetization meta tag on it…

I’ve made a feature request on Web Monetization on GitBook when I found nobody there mentioned it yet

Hope they look at it later!

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After several bouts of thought, I decided to change the name of this library later on, to something like webfunding (fundme is too similar with trademarked Gofundme).

The decision is also made for a new direction from one that I originally thought of – most of it because I think it’d be wonderful if rev share can be combined with smart contracts to create an effective web community’s economy.

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