Future of Micropayments conference

Please join the Future of Micropayments Conference which is coming up soon November 5th 9am PST.

The conference will focus on the new kinds of money that are emerging and you’ll have the chance to meet other thinkers, designers and technologists. The organizers are taking a humanist perspective, and will have Amber Case and Douglas Rushkoff kicking things off with a fireside chat about deeper implications for us and our future. They’ll also have some very exciting speakers, including developers on newer projects like CryptoKitties and Decentraland.

This event will be highly interactive. To get a ticket, you’ll need to log in with Google or Linkedin. When you RSVP you’ll be guided through making a short video to share a little bit of information about yourselves. After the opening session you’ll have a chance to have one on one conversations with other attendees in a rapid fire networking mixer format.

Event Website and Registration

Grant for the Web is an official sponsor of this event and we have some free tickets to give away. Reply in this thread if you would like one.


I’m interested in a ticket!

@elliot put in a submission for a Lightning Talk :slight_smile:

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I’d also be super interested in a ticket if there are any still available!


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Would love a ticket as well! Thank you :smile:

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I’ve msg’d you all with the link!

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I would like also a ticket. Thank you in advance!

I would appreciate a ticket :slight_smile: