GftW Hackathon with DEV!

We are so excited to be working with @ThePracticalDev
to explore #webmonetization via the #gftwhackathon If you are thinking about submitting a proposal to our CFP this is an excellent place to workshop your ideas (and maybe win prizes!)

Click here here to check it out!


fantastic, Musicoin devs will join.

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Great news!

Here is a good example of the kind of developer documentation that is going on in the DEV Hackathon

If you are working on or thinking about a proposal I would suggest that you follow the #gftwhackathon hashtag on DEV


Did the deadline just get extended?


The DEV post with the hackathon details was recently updated - looks like June 14th is the new deadline.

On the DEV post, it’s also noted that the Grant for the Web proposal deadline has been extended to June 22nd, but on the Grant for the Web apply page, I’m still seeing:

I don’t think I’ve seen an announcement stating that the Grant for the Web Call for Proposals was extended, so I’m not sure if the deadline has been officially extended or not. Hopefully it is though! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for cross checking.
After I posted that I saw that they put up another announcement regarding the extension.

I was actually just looking for the hackathon deadline but thanks for bringing the grant deadline to my attention as well.
Let’s look out for official updates.
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Yes! More details here: Call for proposals deadline extended to June 22

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Here are details on the GftW extended CFP deadline: Call for proposals deadline extended to June 22

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I’m confused about what would be the best category to submit my project in.
It’s an experimental web app to visualize music, so I think it fits in both Creative Catalyst and Exciting Experiments.
Can we submit in both?

If not can are there more details about what would be looked for in each category?