Giving talks at conferences

Are any of you public speakers? I know the current global situation don’t help much, but before that I was giving talks at front-end/JavaScript conferences about The past, present, and the future of HTML5 game development where, with every new iteration, the last bit about Web Monetization grew bigger and bigger.

People were curious about this and we had many cool discussions after the presentations. So far I’ve given five talks on this particular topic, and was about to switch the focus to Web Monetization instead (using Web gamedev as examples), but Covid got in the way - two of the confirmed talks for March were cancelled. I do have one still hanging about the event in November though, and you can imagine there might be some interesting online options too.

Anyway, if you’ve given any talks about Web Monetization, please share your resources (slides, videos, blog posts, etc), so we can learn from each other!


I gave a short intro to Web Monetization from my gamedev perspective - a few details could’ve been better, but maybe someone will find it useful.

Blog post:
Coil post: