Grant Timeline & Flexible Plans

Hey everybody!

What’s the timeline for when the 6 month period would begin? Should we expect to be finished with our proposal 6 months from the time it’s approved or could we get some kind of runway? Im thinking for Ballet Rising about a little lead in time to confirm plans, test equipment, and give covid19 a little more time to clear up before I get started.

Im also wondering if all of the material will need to be uploaded onto Cinnamon and monetised by the end of those 6 months or could that 6 months cover just the time it takes to do the filming?

Also, is there any possibility of including other options into the proposal if travel continues to be difficult? For example, if I propose to film in 10 countries but can’t in the end because of reoccurring covid19 outbreaks, could I go with plan B and film in fewer countries but do more Zoom interviews and use the money to develop my website or my business further?

Thanks so much!

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Hi @Casey_H We are flexible on when your project can begin - building in some runway time is perfectly acceptable. If some of this planning work is happening now, feel free to add a row in your Grantee Timeline indicating pre-grant activities.

We are looking to fund monetization experiments around content, so I would recommend you scope your project to include the monetization work. A proposal for straight up content creation without any monetization elements included in the timeline would be unlikely to be funded.

We recognize the planning difficulties posed by COVID19. If travel will be a critical part of your project I would outline contingencies in case restrictions remain in place.


Great! Thank you so much!

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Hey @erika and @Chris_Lawrence :slightly_smiling_face:

I have another question about the application. Sorry if its pretty straightforward, Im probably over thinking things a bit. :thinking:

Is the question, “What problem is your project trying to address?”, asking about my project in general aside form the grant, or is it asking how I plan to use web monetisation in my plan to address the problem?

Example: Ballet Rising plans to address a lack of connectivity and awareness at the far edges of the community as well as a lack diversity at the centre. Should I state how I will use web monetisation in the plan or is that entirely for the question: "How will you use, build on, or build with Web Monetization technology?"

Thanks again! :pray:

Hi Casey!

The annoying answer is you should do both! Ballet Rising is bigger then WM and GftW in ways that are relevant for you/ballet/culture on the web etc. So you should be giving the context of the big idea/problem, what it exists to solve. Its mission. WM/GftW is potentially helping you to advance that mission in a particular way. So you will need to always balance that. The focus in this particular proposal is how getting it would advance a strategy and/or tactic in your mission and why/how.

Hope that helps!


Yes that helps a lot! Thank you so much!