Grants for Educational Content Creators?

Hello Program Team! I create educational resources for teachers and parents to help young students learn the skills they need to become readers. I create original songs and associated content that can make learning fun and exciting. I would like to refine my work and make it freely available. Do you foresee this type of content as being grant worthy?
I have a trial website, [] where I have included some samples of my work to try and gauge interest. Thank you for your consideration.

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Hi Lorenzo,

We’ll be opening Calls for Proposals around Grant for the Web in early 2020. I’d encourage you to stay tuned to this forum, or sign up for our email newsletter to get updates on the program. We’ll post more details about the projects we’re looking to fund, and you can decide if you’d like to apply.


Are there any ‘nodes’ out there who have looked to the delivery of content around the performing arts?
Please say hello if you have…

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Can you say more, I have so0me knowledge of this

Hi Chris,
I’m kinda new to this and I’m not sure if you sent this to me or if it’s a question to someone else.
If it’s to me, thank you for asking about my possible proposal for a grant.
If you’ve been to my newish website, that is the type of content I would like to propose. I believe that the teaching/parenting community is in need of quality content without all the ads you see on just about any education site.
I have developed other content related to what I have posted so far that I need the time and funding to accomplish.
I hope this answers some of your question. If not, please feel free to reply.

Cheers, Lorenzo