Greetings from Kaleskop

Hello everybody :raising_hand_man:,

I’m Andrea and I’m developing a platform that manage adverts/commercials.

In this post I will talk about advertising… (drama :face_with_head_bandage:, I know I lost the 50% of my audience now)

I promise to all the other people reading that this will be a different kind of story, I give you my own story about how I want to change the world of the online advertising.

There’s a common thing than links about 85% of contents you can find on the web… :timer_clock: and it’s the advertising.

The world online is build exclusively to serve advertising contents, people create full-fledge platforms with the sole purpose of reaching people, to look at the advertising. We write pages of informational contents, every day, every hour, every minutes… just to show advertising contents.

We are living in a saturated market of advertising never seen before on the planet. That’s crazy! :exploding_head:

We are so used to seeing advertising that if it is not there… We fell like abandoned, “nobody wants to sell me something?” “just a little pop-up?” “or an automatic video?”

We are creating fake news only to gain users to look at our advertising.

You know, It’s a kind of strange process, advertising. 'Cause, if I don’t have a sensational content I don’t have users that look to my pages. Then, I don’t gain money from the advertising. Again, I need to create sensational content to gain users to look at my page to sell the advertising and to gain money from it…

what the hell are we doing! :woman_shrugging:t3:

I want the advertising, adverts is right to Companies, advertising let people known about a product or a service, let see the power of the company and the products and than let decide to buy or not to buy that product or service.
Advertising must exists but must not be a war and most of all, advertising must not be an algorithm.

For example, how do we buy our products?
When I’m interested in buying a product I search the internet. When I search for that product there’s an algorithm that learn about my searches and start suggesting me products like the one I was looking for. Then I go to the store, I buy that product and that’s all.

Search for the product on the web and buy the product on the store.

Ehmmm… well, no. :thinking: When I come back to home the algorithm still try to sell me that product I just purchase. Even after months or years, the product is still there to be buy. That’s because there’s a missing point between the digital world and the real world.

Right, :bulb: let me decide the kind of advertising I want to see.

Well, almost, let’s say that this is not a simple task but it’s possible to have a common place where you can find all the advertising you want. Or, better, it will be possible to let publishers decide what kind of advertising are most suited to their products.

So, if I enter to a mattress website :bed: I will be able to see advertising conforming to the world of mattresses. Pillows, sheets or even bed nets.

More over, I should say that inside my website I want to display only advertising with Brad Pitt because I build a fanbase on Brad Pitt. That will be awesome! This kind of system will give value to adverts and to my website all in one.

I decide the kind of advertising I want to display on my website. On my own personal space.

On the other hands we have the companies. Companies are spending tons of money to find new ways to sell their products to me. :clapper: But supposing I can choose the kind of advertising I want to use on my website, companies would have to do advertising in the way I want it to be done, based on my standard, not only to give that commercial served to an algorithm. :canned_food:

Advertising products and services and doing it well, because nobody wants to host a bad advert; nobody wants to pay to host that kind of junk.

Clear, and if you think we are full with garbage advertising :wastebasket: because of the fact that this format does no longer has any value in it. People don’t look at advertising, people hide advertising section when they can hide it and use ad-block to remove junk contents from the pages, people “in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…” are gone to content. That’s the real matter.

It is necessary to change the system and do it in a conscious way. :sparkling_heart: Try to give to advertising a consciousness.

This is the spirit I put behind the planning of Kaleskop.

If you find this story as like your own story, there are many way you can contribute for all of this and I hope that thanks to you and your help my dream of a conscius advertising will become reality.

Thank you.

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