Groove is in the Heart: The DisCO Elements

Hey there GftW Community!, in collaboration with Geeks Without Bounds and others have just released our latest booklet: “Groove is in the Heart: The DisCO Elements”.

“Elements” is part two of the DisCO Trilogy. Part one of the trilogy – the DisCO Manifesto – answers the question “why”, and the DisCO Elements takes it a step further to address the “how”. It features chapters on accounting, distributed and feminist economics and community governance approaches to both WM and IL. Part three of the Triology The DisCO Pinkpaper will be released in 2021.

Back to the DisCO Elements, here’s a short rundown of the chapters:

Chapter 1: How to Account for the Future of Work

The problem of unfulfilled technological ideas and ideals, and a critical perspective on the blockchain and DAOs.

Chapter 2: DisCO in a Nutshell

A refresher on DisCO and an update to the DisCO Manifesto focused on the Covid-19 crisis and its impact on labor and economics.

Chapter 3: DisCO in 7 Principles and 11 Values

A new framing of the 7 DisCO principles with practical examples to address previously introduced problems, and an introduction to our pilot projects, the DisCO LABS.

Chapter 4: Take your time, do it right: Commons Governance

A guide to how DisCO governance specifically articulates the principles and values outlined in the prior chapter. Includes infographic illustrations about the DisCO Governance and economic model.

Chapter 5: The DisCO CAT and DisCO-Tech

DisCO’s Community Algorithmic Trust, or CAT, a series of modular software platforms designed to enable people to learn about and build viable DisCOs.

Chapter 6: Care before Code: It’s What Makes DisCOs Different

The personal stuff – how and why the recognition of care work is so crucial for change-makers and DisCOs.

Chapter 7: DisCO Futures: Building Tracks

What needs to happen for DisCOs to grow and flourish across the economy? Policy recommendations towards a future of work with a focus on labor and gender rights, and addressing the digital divide.

If you’re curious, you can download it here. We hope you get a chance to read it and, of course, feel free to ask any questions through here. If anyone from the GftW community is interested in piloting DisCO or any of its modules please get in touch! We’re eager to work with you.

Happy new year everyone! Let’s work together to make sure 2021 is the healing and restorative counterpart to this chaotic and painful 2020.