Hello everyone fighting for a better internet experience!

Hi there! :wave:

I have been learning about the Grant for the Web through Coil, which I have been a supporter of and subscriber to since they opened their platform. Since then I am happy to learn more and more about different developments of people, projects and companies who are aiming to change the current state of the web, running on advertising.

To me, using the internet without an ad-blocker has become impossible, yet I always knew that ultimately it’s the creators who will suffer most from this behavior, as eventually they won’t make any money if everyone was blocking ads.

Therefore, I got motivated to start a small blog on my own, dedicating it fully to an ad-free experience and to keep up-to-date with new innovations and solutions to still allow creators to make some money from their work. There just must be a better way for things to work on the web.

On my small blog I write about my online business efforts there, mainly for now around the print on demand business, but also about content creation.

If you want to take a look, you’re more than welcome: https://consistentme.com

I also have some extra articles and share my blog content on my Coil profile: https://coil.com/u/consistentbenny

Looking forward to follow the developments around the Grant for the Web and to maybe find opportunities for me to get involved directly. :nerd_face:



Good to see you here, Benny.

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Hi Ken! :blush:

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@consistentbenny - I read your blog and I’d love your feedback on Tipalink (https://www.tipalink.com). We provide another way for people to monetize content online by collecting tips on their web pages. Tips accumulate in tabs, which work like a bar or restaurant tab and users can pay off parts when ready. In addition to earning more money, they creators learn what content their followers find most valuable (worthy of tipping). Cheers! Derek

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Hi Derek!

I just saw your comment to my article and replied. It looks interesting and I saved it for further investigation! :slight_smile:

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@consistentbenny - thanks! I’m working on writing a few blog articles that I’ll be posting on the website to give visitors more information about how to use Tipalink, how it came to be, etc. If you submit the contact form on the website, I can follow up with you and let you know when I publish them so you can learn more. Cheers :slight_smile:

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