Hello from all of us at Sweet Life Records!

Hows it going everybody! Kyle here from Sweet Life Records. All of us on the team are super excited to announce our participation in the first round of The Grant for the Web projects.

Zach and Cody are the musical masterminds behind their project, “The Sweet Life” – an electronic, hip hop, funk, rock, and everything in between music duo. As we eagerly await the end of covid-19 restrictions and resume a full touring schedule, we are going to be releasing loads of content throughout the fall and winter directly from our studio in West Virginia.

Thanks to being funded with the grant, we are stepping up the level of music studio streaming with multi camera live streams, augmented reality live video projections, and interactive giveaways and calls to participate. We are proud to announce that we will be hosting our content exclusively on Cinnamon and will have bonus content for Coil subscribers.

Go ahead and check out our music on Cinnamon, give us a hype and a follow, then sit back and relax while we bring you sounds from the future.