Hello from Andre Garzia (Little Webby Press)

Hi Friends,

I’m coming late to the party, the whole pandemic and other anxiety inducing problems hit me and I didn’t felt like I was in a good moment to reach out, so I stayed quiet and coded away. Now, I’m feeling much better and am ready to join the wider collaborations and discussions here.

My name is Andre Alves Garzia and I live in the London. My project is called “Little Webby Press” and it is a webapp that helps authors transform their manuscript into eBooks and static websites. Basically it allows an author to press a single button and generate both an ePub and an online web reader for their book.

At the moment the publishing landscape is dominated by complex desktop applications (some of which are very expensive), Software-as-a-Service platforms with vendor lock-ins, and complex command-line tools that are more suitable for developers. What Little Webby Press brings to the table is the user friendliness of webapps without any of the lock-in that VC backed startups are forced into having.

If you’re curious, I have made a little teaser video talking about it and showing an early alpha. I have just reached a milestone this week and a book generated by the tool passed epubcheck validation with zero errors or warnings, this is harder than it sounds.

At first glance Little Webby Press might look just like another SaaS but it has a distinguishing feature which I think many web developers here will appreciate: there is no backend. It is a static webapp, all the book processing and generation happens on the client-side. After the initial loading of the webapp there is no network transfer, no accounts, no tracking. That makes it harder to build the tool because I can’t rely on some very good native libraries and tools, but it also enable me to offer it for free (no costs in hosting it or scaling it).

I’d love to chat to people here who are into writing, I want to make sure Little Webby Press can serve you well.


Bom noite. That teaser video is going onto Cinnamon [https://twitter.com/cyberdees/status/1326472299923578880] right, @soapdog?

@cyberdees, I’ll make a better one for Cinnamon :smiley:

Seeing is believing and all that. Right @Dracutela?

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Hey Andre! Happy to see this project being supported by the Grant, hope to use it soon for the ebook I’m planning to write and publish in the near future.

Good luck with the development!

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Love the update, Andre! Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to see how Little Webby Press continues to develop.

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