Hello from End3r (Enclave Games, js13kGames, Gamedev.js)

Hi there! I’ve registered a long time ago, but it took me a lot to actually start contributing on the forums.

I’m an HTML5 Game Developer building games at my own tiny studio, Enclave Games (all our creations are Web Monetized already, including the latest Flood Escape game). I’m also organizing the js13kGames online competition yearly since 2012, where last year we had Web Monetization category with 48 such entries out of 245 total.

I’m also fostering the Gamedev.js community (first edition of Gamedev.js Jam just ended), and sending out the Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter.

You can guess I’m deep into Web gamedev, so if you want to talk about that topic, then I’m more than happy to discuss! I’m super excited about building new stuff (games, tools, platforms, initiatives) around Web Monetization in the near future.


Hi Andrzej, great to hear about your progress. Let’s virtually hangout in the near future. For now, enjoy the weekend and #staysafe.

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Thanks Hessel, enjoy the weekend as well!

Happy to share that we’ve received the grant!

Details: Enclave Games awarded with the Grant for the Web.
Some background: Going for the Grant.

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Covid is not helping with the Gamedev.js Warsaw meetups, the Tech Speakers program is over, so I’m shifting focus a little bit. TL;DR: more time for the Grant.

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I’ve published a yearly summary. Spoiler alert: lots of Web Monetization.

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