Hello from Hodor


I’m a prolific blogger about blockchain technology, with a focus on the digital asset ‘XRP.’

I’ve been blogging at coil.com for a few months now & love it!

Happy to see everybody here, and just want to wish good luck to all of these potential web monetization ideas and projects.

Note: feel free to tag me or send me a message; however, I usually only check Twitter on a daily basis, so if it’s critical, make sure to reach out to me on that platform.


Great to see you here @Hodor7372829.

I’m a long-time reader of your work.

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Hi Hodor,

Big Fan, and look forward to you taking part in the discussion!

Jamiel Laurence

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So glad you joined us here Hodor! I am a big fan of your blogging and you helped me understand Coil and XRP when Loup was first starting as the program team for Grant for the Web!


Great to see you here @Hodor7372829! Always enjoy reading your blog and twitter feed. :grinning:

Happy to see you too, Connie!

Thanks for the note. :blush:

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Hi Casey_H!

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Ehi Master!! :grin:Glad to see you here too!!
CHEEEEERS! :beers: