Hello from ZapRead - A Social Economy!

Hello Everyone!

I’m developing a social media platform based on micropayments, privacy, and economics. - ZapRead.com. I’m very excited to hear about Grant for the Web and it’s goals, which I very much in support!

The mission for Zapread is to create a social economy and turn social media and networking upside-down. We want to give users and the community control over their content and stop the selling of user data and innunduation of advertising without compensation.

The website uses Bitcoin as the unit of exchange, where users can use micropayments (as low as 1 Satoshi) to reward content. Financial exchanges are done on the privacy-enhancing Lightning Network.

Even though there is a micropayment flavor to the website, it is free to create an accoutn and share content. Here, users are earning their first cryptocurrency as a reward for creating and sharing content. Even though the website is incomplete and under development, we already have a passionate community working to create this new type of social media. The website software is open source as well.

I’m happy to be here!


How does this compare to Steem?