Hello! I am Julien from Unlock

Hi there!

This initiative is fantastic!
My name is Julien and I founded a project called Unlock which aims at deploying a protocol for “memberships”!

We’d love to be part of this initiative in one way or another and we’d love help to implement the WebMonetization API.


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Thanks Julien, please let us know if there is anything we can discuss with you about how we might collaborate.

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Well, we’d love to apply for a grant :slight_smile:
Generally I think the idea of funding creators who are moving away from ads is exactly what we need. We need to make it really easy for people to pay for the stuff they care about. Roght now, only large companies can actually do that because building user account, credit card payment systems, etc… is actually a lot of work! Of course “platforms” like Patreon, YouTube or even Medium can let creators be paid, but they also act as gatekeepers and middlemen… which means they take cut or even decide of the terms.

We need to make it easy for small creators to monetize on their own terms!

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Hi @julien,

I am intrigued by the idea of Unlock and would like to see it in action.

Are there any demo videos available online?

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Hey, Julien

Great to see you here. I read up on Unblock. We will feature it under the startups section of my website Whats New On The Net. If you want to give us a quote or two on why you decided to start this, etc, will be happy to publish that too.



Thanks Connie!
Yes, you can try it on our very blog. The comment section is only for members :wink:
You will need an ethereum wallet though for now.

We also introduced yesterday (!) what we call user accounts which mean that people actually do not need an crypto wallet. See https://unlock-protocol.com/blog/unlock-user-accounts/ for details.
We will soon have this in the wild on more sites!

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Thanks for getting back to me @julien.

Amazing timing! I’ll check out your blog now.

Julien, I moved your post to Introductions where hopefully more people will see it (it was previously in Uncategorized).

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Interesting idea Julien! Hope you’ll update here as you guys make enhancements to your platform / see adoption increase.