Hello - I Write About Cyber Security


I’m Michelle. I write about cyber security related topics on my site https://askcybersecurity.com/ . I write a daily post. My son write the Saturdays post as he works in data privacy for a law firm and deals daily with GDPR and other privacy laws. I find that most people are only conerned about cybersec when it comes to their credit cards being hacked, and dont really get that their personal information and social engineering can lead up to identity theft, and eventually thier money.

I saw someone posted about medium, I have a paid account there, but have not posted anything yet - just reading for now.

My original website is metrony . com I’ve owned the domain name since TLDs were sold only by the US government. I have another website as well, pintalk.net, which is all about Pinterest marketing which I started out of a passion for Pinterest.


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