Hello, paradigm shift!

Hi everybody,

Thank you for this awesome opportunity!

I run a successful online forum that I joined 20 years ago. When the original administrators announced the end of this popular community in early 2018, I decided to create a new forum and offered the community a temporary platform where they could continue to connect and share their content.

Over the course of one year I started thinking of means to maximize the user experience and began to study all kinds of blockchain solutions that could benefit my current and future users. Having caught up on the progress blockchain projects have made since I first heard of Bitcoin in 2012, I increasingly felt obliged to transform the platform and position it for the future.

Evidently direct streaming (e.g. via Coil) does not only reflect the value of viewed content more accurately (in particular in the long-run and opposed to other blockchain enabled reward mechanisms), it’s universally inclusive (provided low subscription fees) and offers a whole new paradigm of opportunities.

Amongst other ideas, I envision some apps that would implement the new standard and its benefits to existing user / community structures. Leading as examples, these could trigger a ripple effect across other and new platforms as people start realizing the value they have been creating, doing what they enjoy.

I look forward to exchanging ideas and connecting with people who want to help make this paradigm shift a reality.

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Hi Jamin, welcome to Grant for the Web.

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