Hey, all. I am Sorab Ghaswalla, Founder of New Age Content Services LLP

Hey, everyone

A brief intro about me. I am Sorab Ghaswalla, a former journalist with 25 years experience, who then took to Internet consultancy, digital marketing, & of course, providing content & content marketing. I am also a tech & emerging tech writer.
My boutique firm New Age Content Services LLP has 2 parts to the business - it provides Internet consultancy/digital marketing/content to clients, & is also the publishing house for news/views global websites centered around the Internet, the World Wide Web, digital, technology, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, etc. One of the websites, The Internet Of All Things is on Google News. The others are:
a) Whats New On The Net
b) Digital World Native
c) Get My Resources
d) The Net Of All Things

I also publish a weekly newsletter on content called All About Content. This newsletter is my way of giving back all that I’ve learned my 30+ years of experience as a content provider.

Basically, I’ve been running my publishing business without any external funding. We also do not take too many ads. Almost all the websites and even the newsletter are open to all, without any membership or subscription required. I believe that information, especially on the World Wide Web, must be available to all, though of course, funding always remains a problem.

I am happy that a platform like Grant For the Web has started because it will certainly act as an impetus for publishers and content providers like me.

Cheers, everyone.

Sorab G.

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