Hey from Christian Dawson - here to learn!

Nice to meet many of you, and to see a few familiar faces. I’m excited about this community as a chance to meet and collaborate with peers. In particular, I’m excited to learn, because it seems to me like some of the core things that the Grant for the Web process is set up for are similar to the core challenges we are dealing with in driving our own project towards success. Let me see if I can explain in more detail…

I’m working hard right now to find ways to directly support the next stage of the technical development of our project Curationist.org. For those unfamiliar, our goal is to facilitate cross-border arts and culture exchanges that are free to all, using creative storytelling and applied technology to break down barriers to cultural understanding.

So I’m trying to fund an upgraded user experience for the growing community of curators who contribute, view and edit the content on the site. It will allow us to open-source our technology and make it freely available. As with many of you working on projects you’re excited about, I’m thrilled with what this can be! But when we connect with grant opportunities, we often get asked “So what’s the business model?”…

We’ve been working hard at pondering answers to that question, but the truth is that the answer is that we need to back into one. There are cool options and some of them could work well, but we didn’t start with a business model. We started with an idea that the world was getting increasingly Nationalist and xenophobic, and that increased cross-cultural awareness and storytelling could help. Now we need to figure out how to build a path to make that self-sustaining, without abandoning our free-knowledge ethos.

Our journey is therefore the journey of a lot of this community, and of the entire Internet that isn’t focused on advertising-driven models. I know there’s a better way out there, and am so excited to be here to find it with you all!

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Hey Christian :wave: It’s great to see you here on the forum. Thanks for sharing your work with Curationist!

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Hi Christian, Victoria and Brandon. Congratulations for Curationist.org. It is a pleasure to browse the site. Very nicely done!

In response to the topics Christian brought up regarding the “business model”, the platform may consider to provide a service to register visual art. Potential benefits, besides offsetting the operational cost:

  • Extend the range of arts to be curated: the right to curate could be built into the registration process - as an option - allowing the curation of art without requiring public domain dedication or CC license.
  • Strengthen the mission to provide value in the open knowledge / arts & culture space: it would enhance discoverability of visual art and would provide tool to battle unauthorized reuse.
  • Differentiator compared to other curator platforms, such as europeana.eu, pro.dp.la.

There is a precedence for non-profit organizations (https://www.crossref.org, https://www.medra.org running paid registration services. It is not an “on-spot” reference since the organizations above provide the service as primary mission and are a part of the established DOI system. I do not believe that similar registration system exist for visual art. Curationist.org could play a pioneer role to establish such which ultimately could result in favorable market penetration and broad adoption of its open-source curator platform.

Disclosure: My company operates CLink.ID Object Registry. It is capable to support a service described above both with persistent and content-based identifiers.

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Super helpful comments all! Thank you!!! @jfarkas I will look into your ideas and your company.

Glad that you have found the inputs useful. After spending more time on the site saw also video and audio content. The suggested service could apply to all media types (text, image, audio, video).