Hi from Abbey! Building Radicle 🌱

Hey everyone!

We came across the Grant for the Web and thought it was really interesting. I’m a full-time contributor to Radicle, a free and open source project building a secure peer-to-peer network for code collaboration.

What does “peer-to-peer” code collaboration mean? Well, it means code collaboration without intermediaries. This means you don’t have to trust or depend on centrally hosted platforms to collaborate on code. Also, all of your collaboration artefacts (like issues, comments, and reviews — the ones currently hosted on GitHub) are offline-first and live on your machine. Finally, everything is backed by secure peer identities which make Radicle a more secure way to share, revise, and collab on code.

Our goal is to build more sustainable & resilient infrastructure for software collaboration to support the growth of the free and open source ecosystem.

If anyone has any questions on Radicle - please reach out! We have some exciting thoughts on how this might support Grant for the Web’s goals. Also, head to our website (https://radicle.xyz/) and check out our own community discourse (https://radicle.community/).

Nice to meet you all!
Abbey :seedling: