Hi from Filmmusic.io, the cc by music platform


we are offering a unique platform with creative commons BY music that is also available for commercial use. I am the founder and ceo of this project and i am also offering my songs (over 600) on this platform.

Find on https://filmmusic.io

Lets see what will happen here. I just felt i have to register as i read something about creative commons projects and funding :slight_smile:

Actually google adsense is very important to finance this project with all costs.

Greetings from germany,
Sascha Ende


hi cheers

Hi Sasha,
Nice to meet you here.

Reading your post and your remark about Google Adsense. Maybe you can exclude some of your competitors from advertising on your platform, it does not seem to make sense. I made a screencapture for you from this morning.

Greetings from Amsterdam, Hessel

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hey hessel ik ben atwa or A sound : hoe werkt dat :slight_smile: is dat een muziek platform in groiephase zou wel evven kijkje neemen ?
interessant wat is special daar ?. bedankt and come later terug see wat kan ik mee doen:
Asound prod

Hoi Atwa,
(ik schakel even naar het Engels als anderen mee willen lezen)

I am not familiair with the filmmusic site. You have to ask Sascha I guess. What I did not get is that a known company of stock music is advertising on their platform. Strikes me as odd. Why would Sasha allow his competitor to advertise on their platform?

The advertising runs through google Adsense and is automatic. But it’s not bad either: The websites are no competition for us - and they pay our server costs :slight_smile:

Competitors’ prices are much higher than ours. Furthermore, we are the only website in the world that offers music to this extent that is free of charge and commercially usable.

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@filmmusic do you have an API we can plug our Kendraio App into?

I dont understand what your app does, but yes, we are working on an API.

But you should write to support@filmmusic.io to explain, waht you want, why you want it and what you offer.

Hi there. You site and idea looks pretty good, but I’m wondering, have you ever thought about cooperation with Musicoin team? Maybe togather you’ll have more chances to heals music industry?

p.s. you can find on this forum topic about Musicoin project

have a good day